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Community Feedback

This is how contributors, maintainers and community leaders perceived the one-click experience with Gitpod.

GitPod is incredibly cool.

In my opinion, this is a big step in open source software contribution. I'm excited to see where we go from here.

Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern

Creator and Co-founder @forem and @ThePracticalDev

Ya'all @gitpod is freaking amazing! We integrated it into our workflow for working on @freeCodeCamp's codebase and I am honestly loving it. 🔥🔥!
Go check it out on our repo now!

Mrugesh Mohapatra
Mrugesh Mohapatra

Technology & Community @freeCodeCamp

Now it's much easier to contribute to Koel with the newly added support of @Gitpod online IDE. Clicking will open a new editor right in your browser and prepare everything for development! Huge thanks to @meysholdt for the PR!

Phan An
Phan An

Core Team Member @vuejs

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